SAP HANA Architecture.


SAP HANA Architecture

SAP HANA Components:

SAP HANA Components.
  1. Index Server
  2. Preprocessor Server
  3. Name Server
  4. Statistics Server
  5. SAP HANA Studio Repository
  6. XS Engine

Index Server

Index Server Architecture.

Index Server Components:

  • Session and Transaction Manager: Session Component manages sessions and connections for the database. Transaction Manager coordinates and controls all running and closed transactions.
  • SQL and MDX Processor: SQL Processor component queries data and send to them in the query processing engine. MDX Processor queries and manipulates Multidimensional data.
  • SQL / SQL Script / R / Calc Engine: This Component executes SQL / SQL script and converts data into Calculation models.
  • Relational Data Engine: Determines the mechanism of in-memory data storage and manages the relations of data tables between each other. The incoming data is either stored in rows or columns.
  • Repository: Maintains the versioning of the SAP HANA metadata object.
  • Persistence layer: This layer ensures the database is restored to the most recent state and ensures that all the transactions are completed or undone in case of a system failure or restart. It uses the built-in feature “Disaster Recovery” of the SAP HANA database. Backup is saved as save points in the data volume.

Pre-processor Server

Name Server

Statistics Server

SAP HANA Studio Repository

XS Engine




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